IT services in New York and beyond

Mega Discounter or simply “Mega” offers following IT services: remote server management (most Linux OS + cPanel/WHM), 24/7/365 private labeled technical support and reliable web hosting solutions in New York and beyond. We support following services and platforms: AWS, Google, Microsoft and Cloudflare.

Email solutions for small businesses in US and Europe: we know how to protect your domain from abuse (DDoS, spamming, spoofing, malware attacks etc.) Email Deliverability is our specialty too: your email will go into recipient’s INBOX. We’ll setup correct MX (mail exchange) records, SPF and DKIM. We’ll also monitor DMARC in ensure email delivery and global MX IP reputation. BIMI is also supported by Mega.

Are you looking for reliable offsite backup solutions? We have them too: remote backups are available in East Coast US and EU data centers for extra redundancy. It’s extremely affordable!

We’re also offering webmaster services to existing websites built on WordPress CMS. We install, update and secure plugins, themes and core WordPress files. Backup services are offered free of charge.

Do you need new website? No problem! We’ll create simple but fully functional website with valid security certificate, up to date theme and plugins and, most importantly, working email. You’ll be able to send and receive email directly from your domain name with your favorite email app (Apple Mail, Outlook etc.) All mobile devices supported too. No more missing emails – your email will be delivered into recipient’s INBOX folder!

We’ve seen many local NYC businesses with expired security certificates, broken plugins and themes, and sadly, with completely outdated information on their website. All of this does affect your brand name! With Mega, your business will look healthy and professional online.

Our complete $399 package includes:

  • Domain name registration for 1 year (.com, .net, .org). If you registered domain name elsewhere, we’ll refund $15.95);
  • Free commercial grade SSL (security certificate RapidSSL) for 1 year;
  • Reliable web hosting services in New York data center for 1 year;
  • Email services for up to 100 users. Access your professional email via secured webmail or POP3/IMAP;
  • Simple website development (reliable WordPress CMS);
  • Free backups and security updates for 1 year;
  • Free data updates for entire year! If you need to upload new price list, add new services, new photos, change phone number or any other information on your website, we can do so free of charge (up to 4 times per month!);
  • Free DDoS protection via CloudFlare (custom firewall rules are included);
  • Free CDN optimization for any region (North Americas, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa);
  • Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with visibility and positioning results.

How much would it cost after 1 year?

You’ll pay only $15.95 per year for domain name, $19 per year per dedicated SSL (RapidSSL) and $64.26 per year for web hosting services (email is included too). Websites updates (weekly) + weekly backups and security updates & monitoring will cost $199 per year (total: $298.21 per year). Please contact: [email protected] for more information.

cPanel complete server management: $32/mo + 1 TB of backup storage free

cPanel management services are now available for only $32 per month per dedicated server or VPS. We’ll update OS and cPanel, backup (1 TB of secured storage included), secure PHP and MySQL then monitor uptime externally for only $32 per month.

Mega Discounter is authorized cPanel partner. We offer cPanel licenses and management services since 2020. For more information please contact: [email protected]